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The online invoicing software for SMEs

Simplify your invoicing to increase your turnover

Are you a project manager, self-employed or self-employed person and managing your invoices proves to be a burden?

Bison online software is the answer to your problems. Entrepreneurs like you, we are here to meet your needs and guide you throughout your entrepreneurial adventure. Our mission is to make your life easier.

Optimize your time and manage your customers: we take care of your invoices!

Don’t we always say that time is money? And invoices take time! The days of manually creating your invoices and quotes, viewing and reviewing them to make sure everything is in order, would not only take a hell of a lot of time but also a lot of energy. The worst is to be wrong and is it not human?

With Bison, the online invoicing software, you will save time and you are spared unpleasant surprises. You are simply called upon to provide your information. The software will do all the rest, filling your future invoices so that they comply with accounting standards and the law while avoiding the omission of important mandatory information and VAT. You will have personalized, modern and stylish invoices and more time to grow your business and communicate with your customers.

Your data at your fingertips

Access your quotes, invoices and accounting documents online with just one click.

Thanks to the advanced features of the Bison online invoicing software, you will be able to quickly and easily access your data. It will also allow you to share your documents with your accountant who will then be notified of any modification and any possible change.

Innovative and easy to use, this online management tool is perfect for self-employed entrepreneurs, SME managers, artists and professionals who are increasingly mobile, forced to constantly monitor and manage their activities.

BISON our online invoicing software is available from your computer, smartphone and tablet.

Automatically manage your unpaid invoices

With our online invoicing software, the ease of creating your invoices is guaranteed. Easily and securely access your dashboard from anywhere to track your spending and revenue growth.

The various modern features of Bison will simplify the organization and preparation of your invoices, allowing you to automatically reissue unpaid invoices from your inattentive customers online.

Save time.

Use this simple and unique online invoicing software to save time and energy when creating your quotes and invoices. So you can focus entirely on your customers and your business.

Track your payments

Bison’s online billing software will keep you up to date frequently, helping you track your bill payments online and contact overdue customers automatically.

Secure your invoice.

At Bison, your safety is our priority. Manage your invoices reliably on our 100% secure online invoicing software hosted in France.

Tracking your invoices has never been easier

Your accounting is done on a monthly basis, why should your invoices be organized differently? This is exactly what BISON billing software does.

A simple and intuitive interface that is easy to learn

Invoice your documents in 1 click

Send your documents directly from Kwixéo

Automated management of your down payment invoices

All invoices are kept and sorted by invoice month

Preview in a few clicks of your monthly billing

Debt Reminder Tool

Debt Reminder Tool

Keep and recover your created invoices

What happens if my computer crashes or is stolen? Rest assured that BISON securely stores your invoices in the cloud so you can access them anytime, anywhere. You can therefore complete your tax return on time and send it to an accountant.

All invoices can be downloaded when and where you want them

Keep track of your paid / payable invoices

Utilisez la fonctionnalité d’envoi de facture pour des rappels manuels au cas où elle ne serait pas payée

Check that customers have viewed your invoices

Did they receive my invoice or was their mailbox full? Have they seen her? Don’t be in the dark, BISON billing software will let you know.

Determines when your customers saw your invoice

Know whether to dismiss or prosecute

Simpler than Excel, but much more powerful

All with one goal in mind: to make creating invoices as easy as possible. Our invoice generator makes all confusing spreadsheets unnecessary!

Free invoice templates contain your business and billing information

Secure online storage of invoices so you can access them when you need them

Pre-recorded customer and product / service lists make it easy to send to repeat customers

Simple navigation so you can create invoices in less than a minute

Start without training!

User experience is at the heart of our values, we want you to get started without having to worry.

Create your first invoice in less than a minute

FREE lifetime plan

Easy-to-navigate software to access your invoices

Send invoices in multiple languages

Speak your customer’s language and add a personal touch to your invoices!

Create invoices in the language of your choice

Send your invoices in your client’s preferred language

3 different language choices for all free invoice templates

Create recurring invoices

Automate the invoicing of your subscriptions and contracts! From the BISON invoice editor you can schedule automatic recurring invoicing at the frequency you want.

Free online support

With BISON, get free online support to help you use our business management software.

Security and confidentiality

Thanks to the use of the HTTPS protocol, all exchanges between your computer and our servers are encrypted.

Backing up your data

For your security, we perform an hourly backup of your data at a location other than the hosting sites.

Backing up your data

With BISON, updates are free and happen automatically without any action on your part.

Questions and answers

Questions and answers

Using online invoicing software can make it easier to run your business and take it to the top. There are several factors to consider when choosing software for quotes and invoices. The first factor to focus on is ease of use. Choose a software that is simple and includes the essential features to better assist you in your invoicing: edition of quotes and invoices, inclusion of legal notices, follow-up of reminders, management of customer files. The ease of access to dashboards which centralize your documents in a single platform is also an important factor to consider as it will save you time. . Safety is also a factor that should not be overlooked! Use software that backs up your data regularly so there is no risk of losing it and that secures the privacy of your data.

Our main mission is to help you excel! We realize that there is no magic formula to solving all the difficulties of accounting, but we want to make, at least, the billing tasks easier for you. For this reason, we had this idea to offer free and efficient software to entrepreneurs, small business owners and the self-employed. Enjoy it !!

Good billing management is a major issue for the growth of your business. Defining your invoicing strategy well is something to be taken seriously for the development of your project. The first step is to find the most efficient and easiest way to invoice. Using an online invoicing software like Bison can be a good idea, it will make the invoicing process easier and save you a lot of time. The strong point of using invoicing software is that it will allow you to keep track of all your transactions and automate several actions.

Optimize your billing method for better management.

  • Build an efficient organization
  • Send your invoices quickly
  • Find the right pace for customer recovery
  • Go digital
  • Automate the invoicing process