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Bison an essential tool for the daily life of your business!

To make it easier for you to run your business, Bison provides you with efficient functionality.

Free estimate and invoice editing

Bill quickly, and for free.

Bison online invoicing software incorporates certain aspects of a CRM. To save you time and energy, Bison will provide you with everything you need to quote, produce an invoice and track your payments – all in just a few clicks.

Editing of customer files

Quote edition

Identity of the applicant and of the buyer, VAT number, invoice number, and date of issue, designation and statement of the product or service, applicable VAT rates, total amount of VAT, amount excluding tax and including all taxes.

Editing invoices

Identity of the applicant and of the buyer, VAT number, invoice number, and date of issue, designation and statement of the product or service, applicable VAT rates, total amount of VAT, amount excluding tax and including all taxes.

Convert quotes to quote invoices

Conversion of a quote into an invoice only possible when a quote is marked “validated”.

Editing of disbursement notes in accordance with legal requirements

Requires the existence of a transaction accompanied by a purchase invoice (in the name of your customer). Included as an appendix, referenced and totaled in the tied sales invoice. The disbursement note lists all the expenses, per euro loan, that you have incurred on behalf of and in the name of your client.

Compliance with legal requirements

Legal notices, formalism. Automatically adapts according to your tax profile.

Management of invoice numbers with support for customizable prefixes

Numbering based on a continuous chronological sequence, and without break. Prefixed according to the channel of your choice.

Management of invoices with or without VAT

Numbering based on a continuous chronological sequence, and without break. Prefixed according to the channel of your choice.

Manual quote tracking

Manually switch your “draft” quotes to “sent” then “validated” states. From the “sent” state, the quotes are no longer editable; this state allows the conversion of the quote into an invoice.

Manual invoice tracking

Manually switch your “draft” invoices to the “validated and sent” then “paid” states. From the “validated and sent” status, invoices are more editable.

Reconciliation of payments received

Automate the follow-up of your invoices by approaching the payments received.

Export in .PDF format

Income and expenses

Cash flow monitoring

Tracking expenses and revenues is essential for any entrepreneur. View your activity through bank connections and synchronization of your pro account.

Bank connection and flow retrieval

Connexion bancaire sécurisée compatible avec plus 300 banques. Permet la copie de l’historique bancaire existant (du ou des comptes rattachés) vers le logiciel, l’historique est généralement de 3 mois minimum (variable selon les banques). Permet la copie instantanée de toute nouvelle transaction (du ou des comptes rattachés) dans le logiciel comptable mais ne permet pas l’exécution d’opérations bancaires (virement, transferts, paiements).

Manual import of your banking history

Ajout manuel de transactions bancaires (entrantes ou sortantes), ultérieures à la période de récupération permise par la connexion bancaire ou si vous ne souhaitez pas connecter votre compte bancaire.

Adding a transaction

Ajout de transactions (entrantes ou sortantes) telles que des versements en espèces ou d’une transaction réalisée à partir d’un compte non synchronisé.

.CSV export

Stock and suppliers

Automated accounting

Keeping the necessary accounts remains complex and time-consuming. Automated accounting is the solution to end this burden. It helps to minimize the manual process and reduces the risk of error. Just by putting your data and information there, Bison will keep you accountable for your business.

Automatic classification of transactions

Classification by categorization of your income and expenses.

Management of pro / personal transactions

Removal of transactions marked as “personal” from your accounting calculation.


Breakdown of a mixed transaction into several dedicated categories.

Identification of fixed assets

Reporting of transactions exceeding € 500 excluding tax and which may be fixed assets.

Support for VAT

Coverage of normal and reduced rates – Metropolitan France, i.e. 20%, 10%, and 5.5%.

Automatic generation of accounting entries

Automatic generation of accounting entries from the classification of transactions. Carried out on the basis of the chart of accounts created by our experts and in accordance with regulations.

Automatic generation of accounting journals

Book of receipts, register of purchases.

Export in FEC format

Social and fiscal declarations

Tax and social declaration

Bison will assist you in the process of your reporting obligations. It will create a schedule of your obligations, calculate the amounts to carry forward and notify you when a deadline is approaching.

Pre-filling of declarations and automatic calculation of the amounts to be carried forward

Available for the following declarations: turnover declaration, C3 VAT declaration, social declaration for the self-employed (DSI), additional declaration 2042 C PRO, declaration 2031-2033, controlled declaration 2035

Online declaration

Declarations of turnover only. Partial deployment, restricted to the Rhône-Alpes region.

Email notification of upcoming deadlines

Questions and answers

Questions and answers

Using online invoicing software can make it easier to run your business and take it to the top. There are several factors to consider when choosing software for quotes and invoices. The first factor to focus on is ease of use. Choose a software that is simple and includes the essential features to better assist you in your invoicing: edition of quotes and invoices, inclusion of legal notices, follow-up of reminders, management of customer files. The ease of access to dashboards which centralize your documents in a single platform is also an important factor to consider as it will save you time. . Safety is also a factor that should not be overlooked! Use software that backs up your data regularly so there is no risk of losing it and that secures the privacy of your data.

Our main mission is to help you excel! We realize that there is no magic formula to solving all the difficulties of accounting, but we want to make, at least, the billing tasks easier for you. For this reason, we had this idea to offer free and efficient software to entrepreneurs, small business owners and the self-employed. Enjoy it !!

Good billing management is a major issue for the growth of your business. Defining your invoicing strategy well is something to be taken seriously for the development of your project. The first step is to find the most efficient and easiest way to invoice. Using an online invoicing software like Bison can be a good idea, it will make the invoicing process easier and save you a lot of time. The strong point of using invoicing software is that it will allow you to keep track of all your transactions and automate several actions.

Optimize your billing method for better management.

  • Build an efficient organization
  • Send your invoices quickly
  • Find the right pace for customer recovery
  • Go digital
  • Automate the invoicing process