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Find a partner accountant

Need help with your accounting while using Bison? We offer you a network of partner accountants.

A network of professionals throughout France

In order to monitor your accounting with confidence with Bison, we work with accountants throughout France.

To do this, contact us indicating the town or region in which you want to find an accounting firm.

Our team will answer you very quickly to direct you to our partners.

Contact us to find your accountant

Benefit from full support

Our partner chartered accountants can offer you personalized support according to your needs:

Advice on choosing your legal status

Support for business creation

Establishment of your forecast

Legal obligations and advice

Monitoring and management of your accounts

Payroll and human resources

Our partners are all registered with the Order of Chartered Accountants . The connection is 100% free.

Questions and answers

Questions and answers

Using online invoicing software can make it easier to run your business and take it to the top. There are several factors to consider when choosing software for quotes and invoices. The first factor to focus on is ease of use. Choose a software that is simple and includes the essential features to better assist you in your invoicing: edition of quotes and invoices, inclusion of legal notices, follow-up of reminders, management of customer files. The ease of access to dashboards which centralize your documents in a single platform is also an important factor to consider as it will save you time. . Safety is also a factor that should not be overlooked! Use software that backs up your data regularly so there is no risk of losing it and that secures the privacy of your data.

Our main mission is to help you excel! We realize that there is no magic formula to solving all the difficulties of accounting, but we want to make, at least, the billing tasks easier for you. For this reason, we had this idea to offer free and efficient software to entrepreneurs, small business owners and the self-employed. Enjoy it !!

Good billing management is a major issue for the growth of your business. Defining your invoicing strategy well is something to be taken seriously for the development of your project. The first step is to find the most efficient and easiest way to invoice. Using an online invoicing software like Bison can be a good idea, it will make the invoicing process easier and save you a lot of time. The strong point of using invoicing software is that it will allow you to keep track of all your transactions and automate several actions.

Optimize your billing method for better management.

  • Build an efficient organization
  • Send your invoices quickly
  • Find the right pace for customer recovery
  • Go digital
  • Automate the invoicing process