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Should you opt for invoicing software in Tunisia?

Technology is still the subject of debate in all areas. The debating question is always the same: should manual tasks be replaced by technology? The question also arises in the field of invoicing. Should you choose an invoicing software in Tunisia? Where to continue to resort to classic invoicing?

Classic billing or the choice of security.

For an entrepreneur, it is easier to opt for classic invoicing than for invoicing software in Tunisia. Billing represents the choice of security, the choice of control. In this case, the entrepreneur is adept at the expression: why change a winning team?

For an entrepreneur, invoicing software in Tunisia is the unknown. For him, invoicing software is about giving up the control he had with traditional invoicing. Add to that the relentless security argument, invoicing that will be accessible on a computer will be in danger. With the waves of hacking that we are experiencing lately, it is normal for any entrepreneur to fear for their data accessible on computer. Especially when it comes to such sensitive and important financial data.

The path to change to invoicing software in Tunisia is strewn with pitfalls.

Even when we rule out the security problem, for an entrepreneur to give up traditional invoicing remains difficult. Difficult because a successful billing is a masterful billing. Good invoicing is built over time and this construction encourages habit. When we say habit we are talking more about the habit of functioning and doing things. When you get used to a way of doing things, you master your world, you become quick and very efficient. Traditional invoicing offers this advantage since it will allow the entrepreneur to be very efficient in searching for an invoice thanks to the organization he will have in place.

The limits of classic billing.

Handover, a real headache

It is true that traditional invoicing reassures its world and many do not want to part with it, that said it has some limitations. The main limit that we would like to explode to you concerns the person who takes care of the invoicing. To put it in context, when a company is still small, it is often the head of the company who manages the invoicing. As the business grows, there comes a time when the business manager delegates invoicing to an employee. Over time, this billing officer develops his or her own way of handling billing. He / she sets up his / her own methods to be as effective as possible in the tasks entrusted to him / her. The limit that we expose to you is in the following scenario: What happens when the billing officer leaves? The person who replaces it must absorb and master an entire organization and a way of doing things that is not their own. It will in one way or another depend on the working method of the person who came before it. Using invoicing software would immediately eliminate this problem and we will discuss it in more detail in the next section.

A considerable waste of time.

Traditional invoicing takes time. You could be the fastest billing officer on earth, but creating and sending an invoice takes time. Billing is time-consuming, you often do the same actions with the same data and we give the example of a customer’s monthly billing. Billing software is yet another solution to this problem.

The advantages of using Billing Software.

The advantages of an invoicing software in Tunisia are multiple, it guarantees the sustainability of the company and represents a considerable time saving for the company.

The use of invoicing software guarantees the sustainability of the company’s invoicing.

We mentioned earlier, the fear of data piracy, this constraint could be easily resolved because BISON can very well be installed on a machine that is not connected to the Internet. This would make hacking impossible. We also discussed the issue of handover between two billing agents and possible complications. This constraint is also removed with an invoicing software in Tunisia because it works in a clear way that will not change with the users of the software. Add to this that BISON has documentation that will allow a new user to master it quickly.

Using invoicing software is a huge time saver.

As stated above, invoicing is a time consuming job that takes a lot of time. With the use of Invoicing Software, you can save time because this is the software that will work for you. You can also get rid of reminders related to unpaid invoices. The Invoicing Software will allow you to schedule reminders when the due dates of invoices arrive.

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