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What are the criteria for choosing your Management Tool?

Certainly, business management software is useful for your company. But when it comes time to invest
in this tool that will support your growth, you are worried about not choosing the right solution.

In this article, we will focus on the ’IT management tool. What selection criteria can be established for improving results and performance in managing your finances? What tool will be able to help you reliably pilot this pole within your company? You are interested ? Read on!

1. Management software must be ergonomic and Simple

When it comes to choosing management software, ergonomics is a vital criterion. Because the ability that users will have to appropriate the software will be an important factor in the way the tool is adopted and used, and above all, in the productivity generated by its use.

The ergonomics of the management software designate several criteria, among which we find:

  • ease of access to information
  • the lightness of the interface
  • the presence of contextual menus to guide the user …

In order to save time and money, the management tool you choose must be clear and easy to use. It must adapt to each of your employees to be a real plus in your organization. But beware, simple should not be synonymous with lack of functionality. Such a tool must be able to be administered so, for example, that each employee can have a different visibility.

2. Choose a solution that knows your business

Whatever the field of activity of the company , commercial management has its invariants, but also its peculiarities. For example, a service company and an industrial SME do not have the same number of suppliers.
In other words, the management of projects and invoicing from the schedules of its collaborators are of great concern to the first while the second attaches major importance to the management of its stocks.

3. Think about the mobility of your employees

Often, salespeople are considered among the most frequent users of smartphones and other tablets. So, Choosing software that allows remote and secure access to data such as customer receivables or stock status during a visit before establishing a purchase order can increase their efficiency.

4. The economic model of management software

The advent of SAAS has brought great flexibility for businesses. Now, there is no need to install frozen software, your collaborative tool must be accessible from a simple web browser to avoid hardware constraints. As such, you no longer need to pay installation costs and can take out a flexible subscription as needed.

5. Support and service

Before choosing a provider, you have to confide in the quality of its service. For collaborative work in the best conditions and in order not to disrupt your habits too much, it is essential that the tool adapts to your work, and not the other way around. For this, the publisher must be able to advise you and support you in the structuring of your work. Technical support, help center, training, this is what a quality provider should be able to offer you.

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And if other selection criteria come to mind, share them with us!

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